My Summer of Wes

My Summer of Wes - Missy Welsh 2nd edition of one of my favorite books and now double in length!

Oh yeah baby!! I have to read this.

And the cover is way better (even though I don't really like this one, the old one was just hideous).


Epic BR with my girls Sonia, Kat, Tara, Heidi, Karen and Elsbeth

The second time I’ve read this and I’m still very much in love with this book and all its sappiness.

There is just something about this book that makes me go all

Yes, it’s sugary sweet. Yes, the I love you’s are all over the place.. Yes, it is very low on the angst and unrealistically lovey dovey at times. But I don’t care!

I totally fell in love with Mal and his insecure ways. How he has struggled all these years because he kept getting beat up in school. And the cold way his parents treated him…

And Wes, he was perfect for Mal. I could just feel the love between these two.

And did I mention the sex? The incredibly large amount of sex this short book packs. Oh my… It was amazing…


I mean, these guys were horny ALL the time! I loved it.


So if you are looking for a short, sweet read with lots of sex: