Outcome - Cara Dee BR with my favorite BR Buddy Elsbeth

I'm not sure what it is we're doing in this picture. It looks like we're doing the Kamehameha..

The second installment of the Aftermath series. I was expecting a pretty boring, yet angsty book. Because in Aftermath we have the kidnapping and the after effects, so what on earth could we have in the second book? But this book was better than I expected. I pictured Remy as a pretty regular guy after seeing a glimpse on him in Aftermath. Boy, was I wrong!

I absolutely adored Remy. He was short, tattooed, had dark hair and was a master in sarcasm. So you guys can totally understand that I pictured Jake as Remy, don’t you?

This is the perfect excuse for some amazing Jake Bass pics and gifs. Feel free to stop reading this review at any time.

Here we have beautiful Remy.

Remy is all kinds of fucked up. He has had a terrible childhood, blames himself for the kidnapping his brother did, and thinks he can drown himself in drugs and drinking.

And then we have Chase. Chase is a biker who owns his own bar.

He is also one of the men who was kidnapped 3 years ago by Remy's brother.

Together, they must find a way to heal. This works best trough talking and hot sex of course.

And boy, did I enjoy the sex parts. These two were smoking hot together! I mean.. hello, there were nipple piercings!


The story dragged a bit in the second half and was not as exciting as the first half. But overall, I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has read Aftermath.

And here is another Jake Bass gif. Just because I can.