Latakia - J.F.  Smith Let me start off with this: There is no sex in this book!!!!! Whyyyyy??? We have to wait more than 200 pages (on my e-reader) for the first kiss and then we do not get any smexing!! I did not like that. I am feeling cheated....
Now on to the rest of the review.

This is one of the most unrealistic novels I have ever read. Don't get me wrong, I actually liked it, but don't expect this to be an authentic story of any kind. I can buy almost anything in a story, but what I don't like are instant-relationships. This book was trying way too hard to capture the friendship between all of the characters.

The story is mostly told from Matt's POV and I can't say I enjoyed being him all that much. He was a bit too whiny for me. And God, was he a doormat! He let his old boyfriend Brian treat him like dirt. I was having trouble respecting him after he put up with all of his shit.

The stuff that went down in Syria was totally unrealistic, but hey I could buy it for the sake of the story. I liked the SEALs and the way they treated Matt. Travis was a great character, I liked him a whole lot more than I did Matt. But the rest was just too much. An honorary SEAL?? Everyone just accepts.. well... everything. Being a civilian, being gay and bonding with everyone right from the start... right... that would totally happen.
And Petey, one of the SEALs, started out as a really great character, but when he decided that Matt was more than his friend, he was his brother... nope did not buy that..
I felt as if the story was a little bit too long. The last part kind of dragged on. I was skimming the last few chapters...

There were some parts I really liked, that is why this book gets 3 stars. The writing was actually pretty good. The story had a nice flow. But there were parts where my suspension of disbelief pants just couldn't take it anymore and threw in the towel.