The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home - Z.A. Maxfield I hate it when a potentially good book gets all screwed up because of bad writing.
The story in this book was actually pretty good. But it was one of the most confusing books I have ever read.

Some examples. --possible spoilers--

Connor had a (sexual) relationship with a boy when he was 15, but after that he just suppresses the fact that he is gay?? And when meeting Kevin he is confused at first, then just accepts the fact the he is indeed gay and then he is confused again? Make up your mind already!

Connor mentions casually to Kevin that he is in love with him and Kevin says nothing… Neither of them act as if it is a big deal?? Same with Kevin who says later on that he loves Connor… again… no real response…

Before Connor and Kevin get involved with each other Connor says to Carl that Kevin is his and because Carl is Kevin’s brother in-law that they are family now. Carl just accepts this, but is stunned when he sees Kevin walking half naked out of Connor’s bedroom. He did not know they were involved… Eeeuhh WTF?? Didn’t Connor tell you that a while back??

And Kevin’s sister Stephanie, her husband Carl and Connor are planning an intervention because Connor sees that Kevin’s psychic abilities are killing him. But all they do is tell Kevin that he is a very bad boy for not telling them that it is killing him. And after that they just continue with whatever everyone was doing. Aren’t they supposed to help Kevin come up with some solution??

One night Connor and Kevin had just changed into flannel drawstring pants and on the next page Kevin is sliding his hands down Connor’s jeans… Then Connor phone rings and it is attached to his flannel drawstring pants again. Wow, these guys can change faster than a model on a catwalk!

The book was sometimes filled with endless descriptions of really boring things and then something major would happen and we got one sentence to describe this! Like when Kevin touches the ship Andrew made and he gets these images. We do not get to see those images. He later on tells Connor about them, but it just says, Kevin tells Connor what he saw. Euhhmm… I want to know what he saw.. And then all of a sudden it is implied that Kevin saw Andrew being raped and Kevin relived this and is somewhat of a rape victim himself now. WTF!?!?!

I can go on and on about stuff like this, the book is filled with it…
The book had potential, that is why it gets 2 stars… but that’s all I can give.