The Christmas Throwaway

The Christmas Throwaway - R.J. Scott That was an enjoyable but very short read.
I really liked it, but because of the issues handled in this book, it would have been better if the book was longer. If everything was a bit more fleshed out.

We have Zach, who is sleeping on a bench in the church yard. He is 17 years old has been thrown out of the house because he is gay. He is told he cannot sleep on the street by the town's local police officer, Ben. Ben takes one look at the boy and decided he has to take care of him. So he takes him to his mom's.
Zach is really hesitant to trust some stranger at first, but after he gets to know Ben, and his family, he accepts their help. Ben and Zach get to know one another and slowly fall in love...

I just wanted to hug Zach and never let go. He was so sweet. And Ben was great, helping Zach out with everything. The attraction is there from the start, but because Ben feels Zach is too young he keeps his distance. But both of them know where they will end up. In Zach's case in Ben's home.. and his bed.. Some hot sex at the end of the book. Was worth the wait!