Reclaiming Love

Reclaiming Love - V.L. McElfresh Let me start of with the positive things.
The writing was pretty good. There were no confusing moments for me, there was a steady pace to the story and the characters were well-rounded. Connor was an okay character. I kind of liked him.

But then.... Kevin.... God, I really disliked him. His character was all over the place. He was supposed to be a sub when he played the BDSM scene, but he would easily become as demanding as any Dom would be. One minute he would act like a scared little boy and the next he would be all, oh look at me with all of my sexual experience... I really hated that. I kept feeling sorry for Connor that he was not included in that special world of BDSM, as Kevin would constantly tell him.
Kevin was scared to have sex because of what his ex put him through, but he was definitely bragging to Connor about his sex life. Even when Connor says he had a threesome once Kevin actually says, is that all you have ever done... I wanted to shoot him right then.

And what was with the whole Devon thing? I understand Devon is a Dom who Kevin had sex with a couple of times in the past. They became close friends and he was there when Kevin needed him. But why is it ok for Kevin to keep telling Connor that he would want for Devon to flog him? And after they have sex for the first time Connor asks Kevin where he learned that and Kevin actually says Devon. Connor then says he wants to thank Devon. Why isn't Connor jealous when they are discussing another man in their bed????? I kept getting the feeling that Connor could never be to Kevin what Devon was.

So, a book with potential but with a totally annoying character...