Without Reservations

Without Reservations - J.L. Langley 3,5 stars

A light shifter read. I was in the mood for one!
This was not a breathtaking book, but fun to read nonetheless.

When Chay and Keaton meet they immediately recognize their mate. It is especially shocking for Chay because he did not expect a male mate. But he gets over it really fast and thinks he is just one lucky man to have found Keaton. Keaton is hesitant at first, but the love between them is building fast and it is not long before they are happy happy happy. Ofcourse they have to solve who is trying to kill Keaton first before they can really live happily ever after...

Chay and Keaton were great characters and the romance was sweet. It is definitely insta-love and normally I don't go for this, but in this story it worked. I liked Keaton more than Chay. Keaton was just so cute with his young looks and his bad temper. Chay was trying a bit too hard to be funny sometimes, but I just ignored that and enjoyed the two of them together anyway. Lots of hot sex in this one! You would not say that Chay never did this with a man before..

Some have mentioned that this book is overly sweet, but I could handle it. This is not one of those books that will rock your world, but that's okay, I had a good time.