Half Moon Chambers

Half Moon Chambers - Harper Fox 3.5 stars

Harper Fox has this way of writing dark books. The characters are troubled, but not without hope.


Vince, a narcotic officer, is in love with his partner on the force, Jack. But he knows it’s just sex for Jack.

When a bust goes wrong and Vince gets shot, Jack runs away instead of helping Vince.


Vince has to learn how to walk again and there is still a bullet in his back. To operate could mean he can never walk again, or he could fully recover. He hasn’t decided yet and lives with the constant pain until he can make a decision.

He is sent out to question a witness of a shooting. The witness, Rowan, doesn’t want to talk and refuses to testify. But Vince and Rowan keep running into each other and it is obvious there is a strong attraction.

They start a tentative relationship, but Rowan has some secrets and Vince has enough to deal with on his own.

This book felt dark and could not be called fluffy for a second. The romance is not a sweet one, but I wouldn’t call it an angsty one either. It just is what it is, two broken souls trying to find comfort and eventually love with each other.