The Ghost on My Couch

The Ghost on My Couch - L.A. Gilbert What a sweet short story.

Alex just got home from work when he meets Sid, the ghost on his couch. After the initial scare Alex learns there is something about Sid that he finds very attractive. The two of them spend several weeks together and they are beginning to fall in love… so sweeeeet….. But of course Sid is dead.. so not much of a future for them. Or is there?

These men were adorable together. Not gorgeous and flawless, but cute and very human.

There was one thing I really did not like and that is what happens at the end. There is definitely a HEA, don’t worry, but one thing bothered me.
Why on earth didn’t Alex tell Sid the truth when he awakens from his coma? Sid does not remember Alex, but Alex never tells him about how they really met. That was just weird to me.. A big secret to keep from your other half..