Social Skills

Social Skills - Sara Alva 2,5 stars

I always like to read about socially awkward people. It just appeals to the little place inside myself that tells me I am still that socially awkward person myself.
But for every socially inept person there has to be someone who is patient and full of love to balance this out. And that brings me to my main problem with this book: Jared…. what a douchebag..
Connor was incredibly sweet. He is very shy and he has no idea how to make normal conversation. I got all these warm fuzzy feelings while reading about him. He is just so cute. I was willing for more people to see this! When Jared notices him I was all gooey and happy, but then Jared starts acting like a jerk!
I understand Jared is afraid of how people will react to the fact that he is gay, but he was hurting Connor! Right up until the breakup I was okay with Jared and Connor. During their breakup I was rooting for Connor to get out of his shell. And he kind of did. I wanted him to forget all about Jared and be happy with someone else! After they get back together I wanted to throttle Jared, and Connor as well. Jared was treating him like crap and all Connor did was… oohh… poor baby needs me to support him right now. Oh please, I think I'm going to throw up....

The writing was really good and if not for the total douchebag Jared was I would have liked this book more, it had potential.