Promises - Marie Sexton 3,5 stars

A really cute GFY story. It wasn’t all that special, but you end up with this warm feeling after reading this whether you like it or not. And I definitely LOVED Jared. I loved his dry sense of humor.
I was having a bit of trouble with Matt at the beginning, but he kind of grew on me. Especially after he has decided to go for it with Jared.
Jared’s family was really sweet and supportive of the two of them. The only one having a problem with Matt and Jared as a couple was Matt’s father, but he was an asshole anyway.
I was a bit puzzled when everything was going smoothly for Jared and Matt then all of a sudden Jared was the one making an issue of them as a couple. Especially to be seen together in public. But I guess it was necessary for them to have some fights.. I don’t know why exactly, but okay… Otherwise the book would have been too short?

Just an adorable read for any M/M lover