Someone you might have been

Someone you might have been - Fleshflutter DNF at 70%.
I just cannot take anymore of this!!!!! I think I have pulled out all of my hair while reading this. I am supposed to like BOTH MC’s, aren’t I? Why on earth write Jensen like this?? Even some weird plot twist (if there is one) is not going to redeem him in my eyes. I cannot stand him.

The romance was not believable no matter how hard I tried to really get in to it. I never felt the connection between Jared and Jensen. Why on earth they fell in love still puzzles me.

And after Jensen turns evil everything just goes downhill. Whatever story there was it was just more of the same, but with Jensen on the side of evil this time.

The writing is not that bad, there are several errors, but overall the story had a nice flow to it. I just really have to like both MC’s to actually like a book and that was not going to happen in this one.