Gunpoint - Felisblanco Felisblanco is a really talented writer! I cannot believe she is not a published author (yet)!

But... although I did enjoy this book, it was long, sometimes a bit boring and TERRIBLY depressing.

We have Jensen, who suffers from PTSD, a result from when he was kidnapped as a child. He is severely traumatized and has trouble speaking. His ability to speak has a direct link to his emotions and fears.
Jared is an 18 year old freshman who is instantly smitten with Jensen after they meet. They actually fall in love pretty quickly, but their road is not without (a lot of) bumps. Jensen cannot remember what happened during his abduction as a child and he has serious issues. He has constant panic attacks, he hardly ever speaks and he cares about no one, well except Jared of course.

My main problem with this book was the romance. These guys fall in love way too easily. It is not insta-love, but the I love you's are there way too soon for my taste. The rest concentrates on dealing with Jensen problems. I know he has severe emotional trauma to go through, but damn does he has issues!
And the sex scenes... they were just plain awkward. I know Jensen has to overcome a lot, but it did not help that Jared was inexperienced as hell and that it just left me feeling a whole lot of awkward myself. I know not everyone is Ron Jeremy (ugh bad example, that guy is ugly! I don't care how big his dick is supposed to be...), but healing sex does not always have to be really bad awkward sex. It was a bit overdone in this book. I love a good long sex scene, but at times I was begging these two to just give it a rest.

So excellent excellent writing, but very depressing book. And not in a you are hurting but with the right kind of love you will feel better kind of way, but more in a you are terribly depressed and kind of an asshole kind of way.

But I must say, Felisblanco sure knows how to write! This was just too depressing for me. And I would have liked it better if the romance took a little more work. With Jensen's background I would have understood...