Pressure Head

Pressure Head - J.L. Merrow 3,5 stars

This book was fun! It wasn’t perfect, but enjoyable nonetheless.

We have Tom, a very witty plumber who has a knack for finding things. They seem to call to him and he complies. That is how he gets involved in a murder mystery when he is asked to assist his old high school nemesis Phil. Phil is a PI, hired to investigate the murder. These two cannot stand each other, but are drawn to each other no matter how hard they try to keep away.

I actually liked the mystery for once. I have never been intrigued before in the whole whodunit, but this one had me wondering who the evil villain would be. I think it was because this book does not concentrate solely on the mystery. It concentrates on Tom’s life and his (hilarious) view on things.
Save to say, I liked Tom, a lot. He was a funny guy!
But I could never really warm up to Phil. Damn, this man had issues! I know there was a lot Tom did not know about him and that was why he acted the way he did, but he was never really good to Tom. He was a bit obnoxious and rude. I just couldn’t understand him and therefore had trouble liking him. I was hoping Tom would suddenly end up with someone else... like that was gonna happen....
The romance itself was a bit slow and develops rather sudden at the end of the book, but the rest of the book had a nice flow to it.

So don’t reads this for the romance, but read it anyway for the very cute plumber.