The Rebuilding Year

The Rebuilding Year - Kaje Harper I really tried to like it, but failed miserably. I was bored out of my mind with this one.

I really like a good GFY, but this one was a sudden one. These two men were just close friends when all of a sudden they cross the line over to something more. It felt a bit unrealistic to me. There were no previous thoughts of hotness from either one. I actually felt as if they would have been fine with their friendship the way it was. I did not feel the love! Or the lust or the sex, or whatever it was they started with.

And I was totally bored out of my mind when all there was going on was the way their families would react to them as a couple, and the so-called whodunit. Have no idea what that one was doing in the middle of this story. Probably to spice things up a bit, but even that was boring.
I didn't even like the guys. Ryan was somewhat okay, but I couldn't really sympathize with him, I just didn't feel it. And John was missing a personality, God he was dull! A divorced father of two, who was used as a doormat by his ex-wife... not scoring any points here...
And together these two were just bleh.....

Not recommended..