The Slayer's Apprentice

The Slayer's Apprentice - Zathyn Priest DNF at 60%.

--Spoilers ahead--

There were so many things wrong with this book that I just couldn't take it anymore.

I never felt any connection to the characters. I was starting to feel sorry for Phoenix but I just couldn't get over the fact that he was a lying manipulate bastard who was never sincere.
And Daniel had no real personality whatsoever. Together they were just... wrong.. They have met twice and suddenly there was talk of a relationship.. Euh.. right.. so not buying that.

And then my MAJOR issue.
I am willing so suspend my disbelief for a while, but some things are just too much.
Phoenix is actually Dylan, who was kidnapped by the Crucifix Slayer. He escaped, but is mentally unbalanced to put it mildly. He has been taking care of his 'brother' Echo, who was also kidnapped by TCS, and given as a gift to Phoenix. Together they are hiding, afraid that the Crucifix Slayer will find them. Phoenix is also the suspect in the murder case involving TCS.
So he is barely 18 years old, taking care of a kid who is not his real brother, he is mentally imbalanced, he is the suspect of a murder case and Child Services let Phoenix take care of Echo because he is doing a good job?? In what universe will that ever happen?? Oh, and Echo doesn't go to school. They are also okay with that.

So, please... don't read this book, it is terrible....