Not His Kiss to Take

Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe This was fun! Never expected that a book with a doctor kink would be so enjoyable.

Evan is a doctor with severe migraines. So severe he is no longer able to practice medicine. He is out drinking a beer with his depressed self when he spots Jamie. He is instantly attracted to him, but Jamie appears to be straight. When Jamie gets beat up in the restroom Evan takes care of him and takes him home (at Jamie’s request). Jamie is in good hands because Evan likes to play doctor.. Thank God, he is a real doctor so he knows what he is doing. Jamie does not appreciate Evan’s efforts and is very aware of the way Dr. pervy-pants likes to nurse him back to health… Jamie is not gay… or perhaps just a little, for Evan only of course.

This book was hilarious! I didn’t know what to expect with the whole playing doctor thing, but it was not that bad. I loved the way Jamie reacted to everything. With all of the names he made up for Evan. And it was not as if Evan was constantly waving his stethoscope around. He just liked the power play that comes with the doctor patient relationship. He was very open about everything he liked and not embarrassed at all. That's why I felt comfortable with it.
Evan also knows it is not okay to cross a line as a doctor. That he does with Jamie was really bothering him.

And another plus, the sex scenes were hot!

These guys were a great match. I really liked them together.