More Than Make-Believe

More Than Make-Believe - Tymber Dalton This was a nice uncomplicated story. Not a lot of depth or realism, but hey sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy (and did I mention lots of sex! ;) ).

Travis is a 21 year old straight engineering student who is looking for a way to make more money to pay for school. He responds to an add with the idea to perhaps do some modeling. He gets asked to do a lot more than just model.. He gets asked to act in a few porn movies... gay porn to be exact. For one weekend and just with one guy.
That is when he meets Gary, or should I say Marston Cougar. Gay porn star for one weekend a month. These two hit it off and screw each others brains out on camera for an entire weekend. After that Travis gets asked if he would do a two week shoot with Marston. They both jump to the chance to spend more time together. And again, they screw each other senseless for two weeks. They both find out it is not just make-believe for them and Travis is wondering if there ever will be a future for them together..

Yes yes yes, I know there are so many things wrong with this book I don't even know where to begin. Yes, Travis was straight and jumps to the chance to be a little gay for pay way too easily. Yes, he falls for Gary and accepts that he apparently is gay in an instant. Yes, there are a lot of other things that are not that realistic in the porn industry (I presume, it is not as if I have a whole lot of experience in that area ;) ). Yes, the book is very short and lacks depth or a lot of character development.
But... I DON'T CARE! I totally enjoyed this one. It was just simple and fun. And of course... lots and lots of sex.. Although I was a bit disappointed that we never get sex off camera... It's all about the porn in this one...