Duck! - Kim Dare I liked the second half of this book better than the first half.

---Spoilers ahead---

We have Ori, an avian shifter who everyone thinks is going to be a duck. And is therefore at the bottom of the hierarchy. When Raynard, a hawk, takes Ori away from the Nest, he decides to train him as his submissive. Ori is thrilled and does everything in his power to please his master.

These two form a strong bond and even fall in love, but then it is time for Ori to fully shift. It is then that they learn he is not un ugly duck but a beautiful swan. Because swans are at the top of the hierarchy it is not accepted to be the submissive of a hawk.
Raynard will not take Ori home because he is convinced he has forced Ori’s to be his submissive. But Ori is very unhappy to not be able to serve his master any longer…

In the first part of this book the D/s relationship between these two was established. I liked it, but I wasn't sure where all of this was going. I felt like Ori was forced to be a submissive because of his role in the hierarchy.

In the second part, where Ori was supposed to be higher in the hierarchy than Raynard, it became clear Ori was a true submissive. Ori and Raynard could only be happy if following the appointed roles in their relationship. I now understood Ori was never forced into submission, it was just his nature.

Enjoyable, but I did feel like something was missing.