Wanting - Piper Vaughn Cute story about Jonah trying to seduce his brother’s best friend.

Jonah is 18 years old and he has been in love with Laurie, his brother’s best friend, for years. He comes up with a plan to tell Laurie he has been dumped by his ex-boyfriend and to ask Laurie to help him out… By taking his virginity. Laurie says no, but cannot ignore his own feelings and ultimately caves. Not much more plot than this.

I am such an incredible sucker for the childhood friend or friend of the older brother kind of love. I wish every writer would write a book about this! But okay, I will just have to do with these short stories… :(
Jonah and Laurie were really cute together, sex was hot. Not much else to say about it..
Although I did find Jonah rather immature for an 18 year old. I thought he behaved more like a 16 year old, but okay, 4 stars it is...