A Casual Weekend Thing

A Casual Weekend Thing - A.J.  Thomas 2,5 stars

This book was recommended to me because I really liked [b:Six Degrees of Lust|11757362|Six Degrees of Lust (By Degrees, #1)|Taylor V. Donovan|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311358570s/11757362.jpg|16707740]. I can understand why, they do have some similarities. But whereas Six Degrees of Lust captured my attention because of the great characters and excellent writing, this one failed to hold my interest.

Christopher is a San Diego homicide detective who recently got shot. He is still on medical leave when he gets a call that his brother hanged himself in some small town in Montana so he goes there to handle all the funeral arrangements.
Before he gets to the town he meets Doug in a bar and they share a hot weekend together. After that he travels to the town to ID the body. That is where he finds out Doug is the deputy there handling his brother’s case. To make a long story short, Christopher’s brother was a pedophile who raped Christopher when he was young. He was still going after young boys before he died and he had an accomplice. Doug and Christopher team up with the FBI to find out who it is.

There was so much going on in this story that I am having trouble writing a decent recap. A lot going on and not enough pages to handle all of it. Christopher and Doug were both men with troubled pasts. Christopher was abused as a child and had a lot of issues. He ran ultra runs to clear his head. Doug had a lot of nightmares because of undercover work he did in Miami. Both pasts were not really discussed. Doug’s past is mentioned in memory only and he refused to talk about it to Christopher. And with the past Christopher’s had I was expecting a lot more inner turmoil. But he kind of mentioned it casually to the FBI and to Doug that he was raped as a child. There was just too much going on to really go in to their abused pasts.
The characters were okay, but I was having trouble connecting with them. I just didn’t feel it.
Oh, and I couldn’t have cared less who the perpetrator was at the end. I was just skimming to see if there would be a great romantic I LOVE YOU moment near the end, but even that felt very anti-climactic.

This is a book that could have been great if the author didn’t try to cramp all the events in one book. There was never time for the romance to fully develop or for some more character development.

And I just have to say, the fact that Christopher said he was never diagnosed with ADD because he could not sit still to finish the list of questions, is total bullshit!
I have a son with ADD and the tests do not require a person to sit still nor do they require a person to just fill out some form.
Christopher mentioned it twice and I just wanted to throw my e-reader out the window...