Song of Oestend

Song of Oestend - Marie Sexton 3,5 stars

An enjoyable read with a slow buring romance, my favourite kind.

This takes place in what looks like the old west, but with wraiths, creatures of the night who kill people. So definitely a fantasy land.
We have Aren who is hired as the new bookkeeper at the BarChi ranch. He is a bit shy and used to people just using him for sex. So he is relieved to find himself befriended by Deacon, the ranch’s foreman. When Aren moves in to a haunted house on the property of the ranch he has trouble sleeping because.. well, the house really is haunted. But he stays in the house anyway. He and Deacon become closer until Aren blurts out he likes men instead of women. After that these two are no longer just friends, but become lovers as well.
But there are always the wraiths to look out for at night…

There was some great character development in this book. Aren starts of rather shy but he really changes over time. He becomes more confident and I liked him even more.
The romance was a slow one, I love those! Friends first, then lovers.
Deacon was a likable character, but… I just wanted something more from him. But it was okay, he was really devoted to Aren, so that earned him a lot of points in my book.
There was a part of this book I never ever thought I was going to like! There is actually a threesome in this one. I am not a fan of threesomes, because I am all for two people loving each other and expressing their love for each other with hot monkey sex. But after that being said… This particular threesome was very well done! First of all, I really liked Frances. He was just so cute. And second, the love between Deacon and Aren felt very solid. So when Frances comes by to say his goodbyes I really understood Aren for wanting to give Frances a going away present. And Aren was really careful not to cross a line. He wanted this to be about him and Deacon and Frances just participated, and of course enjoyed himself. It was freaking hot!

I did have the feeling something was missing in this book, but I am not sure what it is I was looking for exactly… I think it was the setting. I am more of a modern day kind of girl… Still, I had a nice time reading this.