Skin Deep

Skin Deep - S.W. Vaughn 2,5 stars

This book had a lot of potential. But I hate it when I am constantly confused. I felt as if I'd forgotten to read the instruction manual of this book. Characters and relations that were not really explained, two storylines while one would have sufficed and things that needed a lot more attention but were hardly addressed.

I really liked the storyline of Will and Lyle, his abusive cop boyfriend. I was hoping for a dramatic rescue from Cobalt, but that never happened. Yes, Will was rescued and Lyle was killed, but not by Cobalt and the event is never mentioned after that. No police investigation or questions from people to ask about Will's involvement (his fingerprints must have been all over the place). That was highly unrealistic. As was the fact that Will was beaten and raped and was able to have happy sex with Cobalt mere days later. That definitely needed something more.
Will's character felt all over the place at times. I could never figure him out completely. One minute he was cocky and the next he was shy and acting like a victim.. Cobalt called him strong, but I thought he was acting more like a damsel in distress.
I liked Cobalt more, but the whole storyline of him being Fae and all of his problems was just confusing. A little more background to this story would have been nice. I am still confused who Nix and Shade really were to Cobalt.

Great potential, not the best execution.