Edward Unconditionally

Edward Unconditionally - Lynn Lorenz 2,5 stars

This is one of those books you really enjoy if you like the characters. That wasn't really the case with me. Edward and Jack were just okay..

Edward has come to visit his grandmother and to try to heal her. Yes, he somehow has magical healing powers. He get's stopped by the police for speeding. By Jack, the chief of police, to be exact. Jack has no idea what he is getting himself in to when meeting Edward. He get's bitten by Edward's dog, Winston, struggles for his gun, shoots at Edward's car and almost has a nervous breakdown.
He feels very attracted to Edward, but he cannot risk his career, can he? What will the townspeople think if they see him with Edward.. who looks gayer than gay..

There were some funny moments, yes with Winston, the dog, but other than that the story didn't really pull me in. I thought Edward was a bit too whiny and Jack a bit too alpha male. I don't have a lot of respect for people who let their lives be dictated by what other people may think of them. And when Jack constantly tells Edward that he is taking this risk because of him, bullshit! He comes out of the closet for Edward?? Not because he wants to be true to himself?? Not a good enough reason for me..

Overall I did enjoy it, but I will probably forget about this book in a few hours from now..