The Square Peg

The Square Peg - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow Face-slapping, really? That was uhhm… a bit weird actually… I don’t associate being slapped in the face with sex all that much.. But apparently Shane does…

Not much plot, we have Ben, who inherited half a bar from his father. He goes to the bar, meets his new partner Shane and the two do not exactly hit it off. They argue over the renovations the bar needs, but other than that they discover they work fiiiiine in bed together. They discover a new side of themselves. Ben likes to be in charge in the bedroom and Shane loves to hand over the reins. And yes, he likes to be slapped around a little.

This was an okay read, not all that special. The new dynamics between these two was fun to read. Not much plot, no angsty moments. Just them discovering the wondrous ways of their new and improved sex life.
No strong emotions while reading this book. I liked Ben and Shane, but nothing more. And the face-slapping… as I have mentioned…. just weird..