Shawn's Voice

Shawn's Voice - Project Amy The best word to describe this story: cute!

2 boys growing up together, being best friends, being there for each other, always.

Shawn’s mother dies when he is 4 years old. He is left with an alcoholic father who simply doesn’t care... about anything. Shawn has always had trouble speaking so he is mute most of his life. But after befriending Ryan, a boy at school, he talks, sometimes, and only to Ryan.
These two are there for each other, through all the hard times and of course the good. But when they’re 19 years old, Shawn just doesn’t understand why Ryan is acting so weird when Shawn introduces his boyfriend..

I just love coming of age stories, especially with 2 best friends. This was no exception. It was just so darn cute! It could have been a little longer though.
My only real complaint is that there wasn’t much inner dialogue. I was having trouble understanding who’s POV I was reading. But as there wasn’t much inner struggle, it wasn’t all that noticeable. It would have made this book better if we knew more about the feelings Ryan was having for Shawn and for Shawn’s thought about his life and discovering he was gay.