Fettered - Lyn Gala Dylan was such a wonderful character! I really had fun while reading this book. His great ways to describe his life, hilarious! But... the relationship did not quite develop the way I had hoped. So 3 stars..

It starts off with Dylan walking in to a club.. A hardcore BDSM club.. He is looking for some answers in the form of spanking and rough sex. He meets Vin who is more than happy to comply.
Dylan just wants to escape his life.. Especially all the problems his brother is causing his family. His brother is awaiting his trail for raping three women.
Vin decides to take care of Dylan and that also means dealing with all the mess Dylan's brother caused. He does this while teaching Dylan a few tricks how to be a good submissive...

Dylan was such a sweet sweet boy. I adored him. I loved his sarcastic comments while still remaining adorably shy.
Vin was the total Dom he was supposed to be. Overprotective, possessive, pushy. I loved the way he wanted to care of Dylan. The way he took charge and tried to solve all the bad things in Dylan's life. No one was going to hurt Dylan ever again.
But.... their relationship skipped an important piece! They went from being strangers to a relationship where things were taken for granted. Neither of them ever spoke of their feelings. Dylan didn't even think about how he cared about Vin more and more (as I would have expected). They suddenly acted just like a couple who had been together for a long time. I even felt cheated when suddenly the condoms were skipped without any talk about it or an emotional commitment whatsoever. When I reached the end I was actually checking the back of my e-reader to see if maybe I missed something...

So I felt cheated out of the most wonderful part of a relationship.. the tentative getting to know each other part.... :(
But if you don't mind that.. it is a great book.