An Unlocked Heart

An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells 3rd re-read May 22nd

If there is a thing like a fluffy BDSM book, this is it!


It was fluffy, it was cheesy, it was absolutely ridiculous, but I've read it 3 times now and I still really like it.... There is something about the big Dom with a heart of gold and the shy submissive who needs someone to take care of him that gets my heart racing.

Don't expect ANY credibility.



Leo has lost his lover and sub 2 years ago in a car accident. He has been closed off to everyone and hasn’t let anyone in since then. All of that changes when his eye catches Alex, a waiter in the restaurant he frequently visits. Leo is immediately attracted to Alex and his shy manners. He sees a natural submissive in him.

Alex is very impressed with Leo, but also a bit terrified. When Leo asks him out he hesitantly accepts. He really likes Leo but is also a bit overwhelmed by his presence. The two start dating, but Leo has yet to tell Alex about the BDSM club he owns… and that he is a Dom. But of course Alex finds out anyway. He feels very hurt that Leo has this other life he has not told Alex about. But after a few weeks Alex understands he overreacted and decides to ask Leo to tell him more about the BDSM world. Alex get more intrigued by the minute and starts to picture himself as a submissive hoping to please his master…

I loved the fact that Leo was a sensitive Dom. He took his time to build a relationship with Alex before they became Dom and sub. But even when they were Master and submissive, they were still Leo and Alex. I really felt the love and not just the domination.