Hearsay - Taylor V. Donovan Liked it! Except for the big revelation.. I was expecting it, but so hoping I was wrong. If it had been something different I would have given this book 4 stars.

Derrick and Roman have been crushing on each other for years. The fact that Roman is technically Derrick’s boss does not stand in the way of them falling hard for each other. They meet for a few unofficial lunch dates, but suddenly Roman decides he cannot let anything more develop between them. A year goes by and Roman and Derrick are miserable without each other. They never even had the chance to date… to kiss.. Derrick decides he won’t give up on Roman and when they are working a case together he confronts Roman. How can Roman resist Derrick… He can’t. But something is wrong with Roman and he still has to tell Derrick before there is no turning back..

These men were wonderful! 2 strong men who were not afraid to express their feelings (after they finally get together). Derrick was definitely the one more in touch with his feminine side and that was just so cute! The one thing that pulled me out of my happy place was when Roman revealed his big secret. I was hoping my suspicions were wrong… but nope.. I know these things make a book real and that it does not stand in the way of true love, I just don’t like it… A bit of reality in my books is fine, but I cannot really handle when one of the MC’s is sick or in Roman’s case HIV positive. There went the happy romantic hot sexy bubble I was in. Nothing spoils my romance like a good healthy dose of realism… yuk.. But this is just my personal taste..
A book has to feel real, but if there were to be a unicorn or two in it and portrayed very realistically, I am okay with that. ;)