The Violet and the Tom

The Violet and the Tom - Eve Ocotillo Now that was unexpected! What a wonderful surprise this was. I thought I would be reading an entertaining slave boy story, but I was sooo wrong. It was fun to read about complete role reversal!

--spoilers ahead--

Sylvan has been trained as en eromenos, a sex slave. He is given as a gift to the king’s son, Lord Nygell. Lord Nygell treats Sylvan well enough, but soon Sylvan is frustrated for his master will not use him. He is puzzled by his master’s behavior. He cannot seem to please him and the more he grovels the more Lord Nygell distances himself from him.
Until Sylvan finds out just why it is Nygell resents the groveling so much… His master does not want to be a master… he wants to be dominated. It takes some time for Sylvan to pick up on this, but when he does he just wants to please Lord Nygell, so he takes over the role of master… At first they both are playing a role and it feels a bit awkward. But then Sylvan finds himself letting go of his training and becoming more the dominant he really is….

I was highly surprised by the turn of events. I thought I would be reading about Sylvan, a slave boy who would be a great submissive to his new master. Boy, was I wrong! It was great to read about a strong man wanting to submit and about a slave boy freeing himself of the bonds of years of training and to see them both become what they really wanted.
My only real complaint was the ending, or the last few chapters to be exact. It felt a bit rushed. And the sudden implication of including others in their sex life at the end felt a bit out of character for both of them. But still a very enjoyable read nonetheless.