Bound By Lies

Bound By Lies - Lynn Kelling This book had so much potential! I really liked the first 30% or so, but after that I just felt very frustrated because it could have been so much more!

We have Brayden who moves back to his small hometown because his grandmother asks him to. She is having trouble providing for herself and Brayden’s cousin, Emma. So Brayden reluctantly moves back. He was severely bullied in high school and is not looking forward to being the outcast once again. After he is settled he goes looking for a job. He finds himself one at a bar. He then meets the hot owner, Jenner. Jenner is instantly smitten with Brayden, but doubts Brayden is gay. When he is so sexually frustrated he can’t take it anymore he goes to his favorite BDSM club to blow off some steam. He finds himself extremely surprised to see a very familiar figure among the slave boys there. Jenner knows he has to have Brayden, so he claims him for himself that evening and the two have a hot, but anonymous, encounter. Anonymous because everyone is wearing a mask, although Jenner recognized Brayden easily. Not the case for Brayden, who has no idea who his hot master for that night was. But the truth is revealed mere days later when Brayden spots Jenner’s tattoo on his chest. The two agree that they want to continue their master/slave arrangement and it is not long before they fall in love…

Why why why why wasn’t this book better?! It had great characters and a very promising and interesting storyline, but sadly enough it did not live up to its potential.
What bothered me the most was that their master/slave roles were not consistent. Brayden was cheeky and at times very rude to Jenner. And Jenner let most of it just slide. It was very confusing. They were just being equals and all of sudden Jenner is the master and Brayden the slave again. And it was not that they were master/slave behind closed doors and equals in public. No, it just came and went wherever they were. And I was very surprised that I was still thinking about these two as just in the beginning of their relationship, where I thought it was still just sex, and suddenly the I-love-you’s were there! They were in a serious relationship right from the start. But isn’t there some insecurity along the way? The whole, I-am-not sure-you-feel-the-same-way…? Nope, these two just skipped that part.
Before starting I was very excited to see this book was longer than most books. I was hoping for some major depth here! But nope… not much going on in that department.
These guys spent most of their time explaining their master/slave relationship to other people. That was a bit boring and unnecessary. I wanted to read about Brayden getting better training as a slave! He had no idea how to behave like one… It was just confusing. They were supposed to play their roles.. not change them when they seemed fit…

I still enjoyed it, because Brayden and Jenner were still great, but it could have been a fantastic book, not just enjoyable.