Special Delivery

Special Delivery  - Heidi Cullinan I’ve read this three times now (last read was the audio) and I’ve liked this story more each time I read it. And the audio is AMAZING! Iggy Toma is one of my favorite narrators. Mitch’s drawl was just so freaking sexy!


This is a kinky read and even though I’m normally not one to get all excited if there is sex with more than just the MCs, I loved this one.

I think the reason that this book made it different was that it was Mitch’s kink to see Sam with other men. And he was always present, I liked that too. So when it was clear they really did have something special together, I could get into the mood for the multiple partners thing. And we get eased into it, like Sam. It’s not like Heidi just springs an entire gang-bang on us.

Yeah, this was good. I loved Sam and his hot trucker.