A Dance with Domination

A Dance with Domination - K.C. Wells 3,5 stars

This book has one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen. Just look at that guy… gorgeous…

4th book in the Collars & Cuffs series and this one was a little different than the others. I really liked the first half of this book, but the second half was a bit disappointing….

Andrew just moved back from the US after having spent most of his life there. But being raised in Bristol he doesn’t mind moving back to the UK when his work requires him to.
He is a copywriter by day and a stripper by night, but the only thing missing in his life is a good BDSM club to satisfy his inner Dom.
That is how he ends up at Collars & Cuffs. After giving a demonstration, Leo and Thomas welcome him with open arms and he now has a place to be the Dom he wants to be.
He likes working with the other strippers at the strip club and it is not long before he notices one of the other strippers, Gareth. Gareth is a stripper, but also a submissive… he hasn’t been to Collars & Cuffs in 4 years, after being dumped by his old Dom. But all of this changes after he sees Andrew entering Collars & Cuffs one night. Does he have the nerve to go there and embrace his submissive side once again?

In the previous 3 books the subs were rather the same, the shy younger boys who were hurt in the past. And the Dom who would take care of them. This is not the case in this book. Gareth and Andrew are friends first and then Dom and sub. They are just happy to find out they could be sharing the BDSM world with each other. But they remain Andrew and Gareth and not Sir and boy. There is little BDSM between them in this book. They play one scene at the end, but that’s it. It was very refreshing, I liked it! These guys were so good together. No one was needy and no one had to take care of the other one. Gareth could hold his own. They were so hot together! My e-reader almost went up in flames when Gareth does his strip act to seduce Andrew.

I really liked the first half. It had this slow burn which I really loved. We get to know Andrew and his life before he even meets Gareth. In the first half these two have one conversation and that’s it. So I was hoping for more of the same in the rest of the book, but of course that was not possible, there were just too little pages left. After Gareth and Andrew show their interest in each other the author decides that we don’t have all day, so she just stuffs as many events possible in the second half. We have Andrew and Gareth’s slow blossoming love, we have their Dom and sub side to explore, we have Gareth’s old Dom threatening Gareth, we have that same Dom kidnapping and trying to kill Andrew and we have Andrew trying to overcome his grief for his previous sub who was killed 4 years ago. And all of that in a 100 pages. So something had to give and unfortunately it was the relationship. These two were just getting to know each other before the angsty stuff starts. Even at the end, there are no declarations of love, just a very tentative start of the relationship. And that after the promising start… I was hoping for my own kind of subspace with this book, but I never got there... It was frustrating..