The Good Boy

The Good Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock Didn’t really like it. I liked Lane, I really felt for him and all he had to go through.
Derek was not Dom-ish enough for my taste. I felt as if Lane needed a stronger man to take care of him.
The puppy play was so not my thing. Fortunately it wasn’t very long and there was no sex involved. Still thought it was weird though…

I can read about a broken character and really enjoy it, but I always feel as if that person needs a very strong knight in shining armor to balance all the hurt and to help them heal.
I didn’t think Derek was really up to the job. Lane was shy, very emotionally scarred and recently abused. He needed someone to take care of him in every way. But Derek was just figuring out what to with his life himself, so he was not the man I envisioned for Lane. Lane needed someone to sweep him off his feet. The relationship didn’t really work for me. No real chemistry.

It was okay, but I wouldn’t recommend this book.