Split - Mel Bossa Let me start off with the positive things about this book. The writing was wonderful, really. Mel Bossa sure knows how to use beautiful words. The way this story was told, with parts of Derek’s old diary and the constant switching between the part and the present, really well done.
Why only 2 stars then? Because this book depressed the hell out of me. These people were all the glass is half empty kind of people. The people who think life is something to get through instead of enjoying every single day.

This story is told from Derek’s POV. He is now 28 years old and is living with his boyfriend Nathan. He is not sure he loves Nathan, but when Nathan proposes he says yes anyway. He isn’t really enjoying his life, just going through the motions. His aunt gives him his old diary. When he starts reading it, he gets swept away in his past. He was 10 years old and best friends with Boone, his next door neighbor. And severely in love with Boone’s older brother, Nick. The story progresses through pieces of the past and present. We get to know why Derek has trouble loving Nathan and we get to relive Derek’s troubled childhood.
But when he meets Boone again at age 28, he just has to know… what happened to Nick, his one true love..

As I said, all very depressing. Derek has always been a shy boy who doesn’t speak his mind easily. His mom was depressed because she lost a baby during pregnancy. Derek’s father isn’t there most of the time, so Derek only has his aunt who looks after him. I know that these things are hard for any child, but boy this guy is depressed.
And we have Nick, who was a real trouble maker. Nick was always looking to get away.. away from himself perhaps. I just didn’t really understand all the dark feelings these guys were having. Nick came from a very loving family but felt the need to get away from everyone anyway. Life is a beautiful thing, but these guys made it seem as if we should be glad to survive each day.

Spoilers ahead

It felt very anti-climactic when Derek and Nick finally meet up again. Even the sex was very mediocre. And when Nick explains to Derek he has a 16 month old son, I was not happy. I could have gone without that twist. And even breaking up with Nathan was something Derek didn’t do himself. He let Nathan break up with him. Come on, be a man for a change!

If you will excuse me now, I have to look at rainbows and unicorns to feel happy again…