Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Sáenz This was a cute coming of age story with 2 best friends sloooooowly falling for each other. All the ingredients for a great book! Then why didn’t I love it?? I was pretty bored.. Nothing really happens. And the romance was really not that romantic..

Ari has always felt like an outsider. He considers himself weird. But at 15 he befriends another loner, Dante. These two form a really strong friendship. But Ari has difficulty showing his emotions and keeps everything bottled up inside. His father is a war veteran and pretty traumatized because of that. Ari also has an older brother no one talks about because he is in prison. Ari feels angry all the time, for a lot of reasons. He wants to talk to his dad more, he want his mom to talk about his brother, he just feels like an outsider all of the time. Even with Dante, there is always something holding Ari back. But when they are almost 17, Dante tells Ari he likes kissing boys and he most definitely wants to kiss Ari.

Ari was very deep, I can’t say I liked to read all of his thoughts. They were pretty depressing. He was 15 when this book starts and he was just so sad all the time. I loved Dante, he was so straightforward. Had no trouble showing his emotions. I loved the dedication these boys had to one another. But I didn’t really like that Ari was denying his feelings for Dante so long. We don’t get to read about his struggle or about any feelings for Dante at all (other than friendship). Just for the last few pages, when he realizes he is in love with Dante. I was waiting the entire book for this!

The writing was pretty good, but I wanted something more. All I got was a book that depressed the hell out of me.