Wes and Toren

Wes and Toren - J.M. Colail 2,5 stars

That was an incredibly boring book. I am proud of myself for being able to actually finish it. It wasn’t that it was bad, but it was just so uneventful en repetitive.

Toren is surprised to be getting attention from the bad boy of the school, Wesley. Toren is shy, nerdy and has no idea why Wesley would like him. But Wesley pursues him no matter what and it is not long before Toren is thoroughly swept off his feet.
There is not much more to say about their relationship than this: They fall in love, they graduate high school, they move in together after Wesley is kicked out of the house by his homophobic parents and they live happily ever after. Oh and there is LOTS and LOTS of sex.

Normally I would like such a story line. Not a lot has to happen if I am in love with the characters. But this was just so boring. It just draaaagged on and on. Even the sex.. it was so repetitive and unrealistic. These two were like energized sex bunnies on speed, no recovery time whatsoever needed! One orgasm after the other.. Normally I would be on the first row to see this, but it was rather unimaginative. Toren came home from school, these two would have (boring) sex, they would sleep and they would have some more sex. Then they would be apart for a day and then guess what, more sex!

The writing was not bad but I missed some emotion. It is not enough to just write that someone is sad or happy, you have to make the reader FEEL it.. And that was not the case with this book. Too bad, it really had potential.