Public Display of Everything

Public Display of Everything - Cara Dee Re-read February 23 2016

A nice uncomplicated angst-free story.

Cory is 30 years old and lost his job, again. So he is trying to figure out what to do while complaining to his friend Tammy in his favorite pub. But then he is approached by a cute, shy 'kid'. The kid turns out to be 22-year old Flynn who runs a website. A website revolving around voyeurism. Flynn offers Cory a thousand pounds if he lets himself be seen.. in front of a window... by other people... masturbating...

Cory accepts because he doesn't have a lot of other options. And he is kind of intrigued by the whole thing.

After the event he and Flynn become tentative friends. Cory is developing feelings for Flynn and definitely wants to jump his bones, but he is not sure Flynn is even gay.

I adored Flynn. He was just so socially awkward, it was cute! I mean, who looks up how a movie marathon is supposed to look like and buys comfortable clothes that they can change into. Adorable!

I loved this.