The Dreams You Made in the Dirt

The Dreams You Made in the Dirt - Lisa Henry I LOVE Lisa Henry. I don’t love all of her books, but she knows how to write!

Cole arrives in a small town when his car breaks down. He is there to fix the house he inherited from his uncle and to sell the place. What he does not expect on his first night there is to find a beaten boy in his backyard. The boy is 18 year old Aiden who has been severely beaten by his father because he found out Aiden is gay.
Cole takes one look at the bruised yet beautiful Aiden en feels the overpowering need to protect the boy from further harm. But what he did not consider was the fact that Aiden wants something from Cole, and it is not (only) his protection. These two broken characters can maybe heal when admitting they need each other.

I cannot help it, I have a thing for 18 years old shy guys who need protection. They’re just so cute! And Aiden really fit the bill. I just wanted to grab him, hug him and never let go. But fortunately he had Cole to be his big bad protector. Cole was very sweet to Aiden, tending to his wounds and taking care of him. I wanted to see more of them together. That was my only complaint, the ending was rather abrupt. We have the big revelation, the two of them leave and everyone lives happily ever after. But hey, I wanted more! I wanted to see how Aiden and Cole would work everything out, where they would live, what they would do.
But no such luck...