You Get Full Credit For Being Alive

You Get Full Credit For Being Alive - Cari Z. What a great story! Who knew a retired hitman could be so sweet!

Justin is walking his dog one night when he sees a dead body in his back yard. When he examines the body he finds out that the man is not as dead as he thought he was. After brining him to the hospital, he makes himself scarce because he does not want to encounter anyone from law enforcement.
But after he dropped the young man off he cannot stop thinking about him. So he goes undercover to get more information. He has lots of experience in the undercover business, being a retired hirman. He finds out the wounded man is a cop named Shawn. And that Shawn’s boyfriend, another cop, definitely has something to do with the attempted murder.
Shawn stays in a coma for several weeks while Justin looks out for him. When he wakes up he cannot walk or speak. After another attempt on his life Justin decides to disappear with him, so he takes Shawn home. While Justin is helping Shawn with his recovery the two of them cannot ignore their feelings for each other anymore. But there is still a dirty cop out there trying to kill Shawn..

Justin was just so sweet! I loved the fact that he was a killer and a ruthless one, but one with a really big heart. Shawn was perfect for Justin. So strong, yet gentle and loving. I loved it how determined he was to get better and how hard he worked for it.
My only complaint is that the book wasn’t long enough. I would have loved it if things were a bit more fleshed out. But it was good anyway!