Sixty Five Hours

Sixty Five Hours - N.R. Walker Re-read August 26th. BR orgy with my Leafmarks boys and girls.

4.5 stars

Loved it just as much!


This book was incredible!

Lucas is cocky, funny, working for one of the best advertising companies and.. openly gay. Cameron is straight, the boss’s son and not too happy with Lucas. That is until they have to prepare a campaign in sixty five hours. They will have to work closely to pull this off.

And it is somewhere in this weekend that Lucas finds out that perhaps Cameron is not as straight as he thought he was…

These men were explosive together! The way Lucas spoke his mind all the time and how he would always try to bait Cameron, I adored him. Both cocky and headstrong, there was bound to be some amazing fireworks, in and out of the bedroom.

These men were just too sexy for words. And the socks… too cute!