Honesty and Artifice

Honesty and Artifice - S.H. Allan Great book! I fell in love with Boaz from page 1. He was just so adorable.. But also very lethal and badass!

Boaz is happy living by himself on a remote island. But he desperately wants to save the almost naked man that washes up his shore one day. That man turns out to be Eric.
Boaz nurses him back to health and the two of them get to know each other. Boaz is very secretive about his past and does not explain why he is all alone on his island, except for the fact that he is in danger. Eric turns out to be an insurance investigator looking for stolen art. He was tracking a stolen painting when the people on the boat he was on wanted to get rid of him and he jumped off the boat to take his chance with the ocean.
After a week Eric is all better again and the time has arrived that he has to get off the island and back to his life. And the two of them head out on Boaz’ boat. They aren’t expecting to run in any trouble, but all of that changes when another boat stops them. It turns out the people after the painting know Eric jumped off the boat with it and want it back…

This book was never dull! It was action packed and still had its tender moments. I absolutely adored Boaz. He was just such a cute killer! ;)
He was trained to be an assassin/spy/killer, but he was just so people shy and innocent. And Eric, who never stopped talking, he was funny! When these two finally admit they want each other... so sweet, yet hot!

I am constantly amazed that these free stories are any good, but this one really was!
Go read it!