Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces - Riley Hart Wow, that was some book. I have to start with complimenting the writing. Riley Hart has a way with words. They pull you in, they make you care about the characters. But that being said.. I rate a book depending on how it made me feel. The first half of this book made me feel terribly depressed. It was just so dark. The second half made me feel a tad better, but still… The title is so fitting. These men were so broken. And together they just fit.

Josiah is 16 years old when he meets Mateo. They are both in foster care. Mateo is angry, aggressive and has a criminal past. Josiah is shy, quiet and so innocent. Together they fall hard for each other. Together they made sense in a world where no one wanted them. When their foster mother becomes sick their foster father wants Mateo to leave, since he is 18 and no longer in need of care. Josiah will not let Mateo go, so he runs after him. They live on the street for a while and Mateo tries to take care of them the only way he knows how, by selling drugs. When his old gang gets a hold of him he tells Josiah to go away, that he doesn’t want him anymore. This all to protect Josiah.
Josiah ends up in San Francisco, working at a coffee shop. He is empty inside and hurting so much without Mateo. Years go by and he meets Tristan, a very successful attorney. Tristan has a troubled past himself and he wants to take care of Josiah, so he offers him a place to stay so Josiah can get his college degree. After years, these two have formed a bond, but nothing sexual. Josiah knows Tristan wants him just as much as Josiah wants Tristan, so he offers his body and Tristan finally accepts.
But then Mateo comes back… Josiah is torn. He loves Tristan, but he is also still in love with Mateo. Tristan understands this, but won’t give Josiah up. When Tristan and Mateo meet each other they are both a bit surprised to find themselves attracted to each other. Josiah sees an opportunity to be with both of them, so he makes sure the three of them spend a lot of time together. Perhaps together they can all heal…

This book was indeed beautiful, but damn, it was dark. I was having trouble seeing the good things in the world while reading this book. It was my first time reading about 3 men and Riley Hart handled it really well. There was a nice slow flow to the story, nothing was rushed. But these men were hurting almost constantly, so I was hurting as well. It almost made me cry, but thank God I didn’t because I am not a pretty crier! All puffy eyes and snot everywhere…

And now I have to read something fluffy.