Power Exchange

Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose Oooooh it was goooood. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did!

Gavin is a homicide detective working on a case where Doms are being tortured and murdered. Brought in on the case as a consultant is Dr. Ben Haverson, a psychologist and a Dom as well. Gavin is immediately attracted to Ben and can’t take his eyes of him, but being married himself and straight, well at least acting straight, he knows he cannot do anything about his attraction.
He also finds himself immensely fascinated by the scenes he has witnessed in the BDSM club while investigating the case.
When he finds his wife in bed with his partner he is not hurt or upset, but feels liberated. Finally, he can be the person who he wants to be. He goes to Collared, the BDSM club, to get a few beers and there he runs in to Ben Haverson. Gavin decides to take a chance and go home with him. After that first explosive encounter the two of them spend a lot of time together and Ben tells Gavin he sees a submissive in him. Now that sounds interesting enough for Gavin to want to explore that unknown side of him. So Ben introduces Gavin slowly in to the world of domination and submission. They almost forget there is still a killer on the loose. It isn’t long before this killer gets a hold of them..

Gavin was really great. At the beginning I thought he was kind of a pushover, but he turned out to be strong and a little insecure but very put together. I really felt I was there with him on his road to self-discovery. I liked the fact that Gavin was eased in to the whole world of BDSM. Gavin is not suddenly a perfect submissive, he was still learning. And Ben, I was afraid he would be this overpowering arrogant Dom-ish man, but he was nothing like that. Yes, he was a Dom, but also very sweet and tender.

Am going to read book 2 now.