Strength of the Mate

Strength of the Mate - Kendall McKenna Re-read March 26 2016

What I like best about this series is the lack of the word gay. In the world Kendall McKenna has created there is no such thing as gay. Everyone can be attracted to anyone, either male, female, human or werewolf. And no one considers it strange for two men to show the world how much they love each other. And this even in the military.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our world was like this one? And don’t forget all these hot werewolves running around, I would so live in this world and would join the military in a heartbeat. Hooah!


I adooooored this book! I loved Adam, I loved Dawson. This goes right on my favorite shelf.



This book was just smoking hot!

This story is about Adam, Tim’s younger brother. Adam works as a civilian contractor for a company driving supply trucks for the military in Iraq. He is slowly becoming friends with some werewolves on base. But he can’t stand how the other werewolves on base are harassing everyone when it’s near the full moon.

That’s why Dawson Rivers is being sent.

Adam is shocked to find out Dawson is coming to the same base he is at. He met Dawson previously when he was staying at his brother’s house and he cannot help himself drooling over him each time he sees Dawson.

Dawson is there to sort out pack business with the current pack leader, who is doing a terrible job. Dawson thought he would be helping the current pack leader controlling the rampaging wolves, not knowing the pack leader is the instigator. Dawson has no choice but to challenge him and take his place as pack leader.


Adam runs in to Dawson after the first full moon and Dawson makes it clear he wants to make Adam his. After this night Adam is pursued relentlessly by a very determined werewolf.

I just loved all the wolves and their need to touch. And I really loved Dawson who was all alpha male. Dawson knew he wanted Adam and he just went for it. And the sex scenes… my God, these were scorching!

I need to get myself a werewolf!