Safeword - A.J.  Rose --Possible Spoilers--

Hmm, I didn’t like this one as much as I did Power Exchange. This one was more dramatic and although it was good, I didn’t love it.

This story starts a year after Gavin and Ben’s vicious treatment at the hand of a serial killer. Gavin is still struggling with the aftermath of being brutally attacked and has severe nightmares. He has trouble accepting touch from anyone and is feeling depressed because he feels like he is failing Ben. Feeling like he cannot be the sub Ben needs, he is afraid to do a scene and things are becoming tense between them.
Ben himself is still handling all the repercussions of feeling helpless and not being able to safe Gavin.
While these two are working out a way to balance out their relationship, Gavin is working a new case. A case where fellow cops are being brutally murdered. And it seems this killer is after Gavin once again.

In this book the case was interesting enough to keep me captivated, but I was missing something in the relationship department. It was nice to see Gavin and Ben work out their fears and to see them become Dom and sub once again. But because everything revolved around healing it took some sexiness out of the scenes. The BDSM in this installment is very light and I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t more. (God, when did I become such a painslut…) I just wanted these two to unload and let go. There were some good sex scenes and it felt very real, set in a pace where both could be comfortable with each other again. It just was a bit too real for my taste. Just give me a good nice spanking and I am a happy woman. ;)

Still, an enjoyable sequel.