Double Alchemy

Double Alchemy - Susan Mac Nicol DNF at 20%
With the insta-love, off page sex (not all the time, but enough to be annoyed) and the fact that these men just met, barely know each other, and are now trusting each other enough to skip the condoms… I am totally WTF-ing…

It is not even the Magyck, Warlock and Fey things that are the most unrealistic in this book. It is the relationship that feels forced and had me rolling my eyes a lot. There is no gradually easing us in to the story or the relationship. It is bam and there it is, these two men.. together, and let’s get on to the rest of the story. I don’t like books that try to establish things that quickly.

So if you don’t mind all of the above things, read it, it is probably a very interesting book.