Alaska, With Love

Alaska, With Love - Sandrine Gasq-Dion Wow, that was actually quite terrible.
The story itself was intriguing, but the execution.. very bad. The writer really has to stop with the info dropping at weird times. Some things just came out of the blue and it was confusing and completely unrealistic. And again, the author was in a hurry. Some things take time, don’t rush it..

The romance between Mark and Josh was promising at first. But Josh embracing his gay side in a matter of seconds and him fawning over Mark was quite annoying. Josh mentioned his turmoil over being suddenly gay, but I just didn’t feel it.

And I was hoping for some tender healing sex after Mark has been kidnapped and brutally raped for 3 months. But no….. he got over it in 6 months, when Josh fled to Alaska to find himself.

I will continue with this series, because I am still hoping the writing will pick up.