By the light of the Moon

By the light of the Moon - Sandrine Gasq-Dion Re-read July 28 2015

Because these kind of awful books do it for me.


I have very mixed feelings about the books in this series. On one hand the writing is pretty bad and at times confusing. But I cannot seem to stop, I want to know what happens with all the other people I’ve come to know in these 3 books so far.

We have met the wolf Dakota in the previous book. We also learned he is a werewolf, but other than that we have no idea who he is. And I would love to say I know all about him after reading this book, but this writer is not a big fan of providing background, so I still know nothing. But that's okay.


This book starts with Sam hitting a wolf with his truck. Sam who is a friend of Josh and also in the assassination business. He hits what he thinks is a real wolf. This wolf who has been shot in his leg (the leg injury never comes up again, Sam never notices it has healed within a few hours).

He carries the wolf to his truck (who carries a wolf without fear of being bitten?) and after bringing him to his motel room decides to keep him. Euuh… what, keep a real wolf as a pet?

After a very convenient call to Josh he learns the wolf’s name is Dakota. Dakota who is already totally smitten with Sam. So when Sam goes out to grab a beer, Dakota shifts, finds some clothes and hurries after Sam to meet him in human form.

These two meet, cannot control themselves, kiss and Dakota takes off. This evening repeats itself when Sam goes out for another beer the next night, but this time they end up in a motel room and have sex. Human Dakota leaves Sam before he wakes up. Wolf Dakota travels with Sam to his home town.

It is not long before Dakota’s big secret is revealed, because he involuntarily shifts when he gets attacked by a wolf from his old pack. Sam immediately accepts he has fallen in love with a werewolf and these two accept they’re mates. There is absolutely no background info on the whole werewolf culture.

They arrive in Sam's home town and Dakota meets the parents. And wow, what a coincidence, it happens that almost everyone there is a werewolf! And wouldn’t it be wonderful if Dakota is accepted without doubt in the new pack.

The I-love-yous and the you-are-my-mates fill the rest of the book. Along with some trouble Dakota’s old pack is causing.

Oh, and it appears everyone who hasn’t found his mate before now suddenly has, when the two packs meet (and fight). They are of course all male, even though Dakota was kicked out of his pack for being gay. And what a surprise to find that everyone is now gay! Yay, gay for all!


To say you need to put on a really big suspension of disbelief pants is putting it mildly. Still, I love these books.

On to the next!