One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok - Gale Stanley A nice short story. Not all that special, but enjoyable nonetheless.

David is a lawyer visiting Bangkok on business. He is such a straight arrow, he doesn’t let go, ever. But that changes when his eye spots the gorgeous Kai. Kai shows him a different side of Bangkok and teaches him to live a little.
But David suspects Kai is hiding something. When Kai doesn’t show up at their next meeting David has no choice but to return home to the US when his business is conducted. But he cannot seem to get Kai out of his mind…

David was a bit too.. well, boring.. for my taste. I liked Kai though, he was sweet.
Not that much more to say about it, I had a good time, it was a nice short story. Oh and the sex was not that special, for those who want to know. ;)